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Making sure that your boiler is serviced and checked regularly can end up saving you a lot of money. We can offer you a fast, friendly and reliable service, making sure that your boiler is running smoothly. You needn't have to spend a fortune on fixing your boiler, come to SBS Ltd where we'll fix it affordably and efficiently.

Keep your home

warm this Winter


If your boiler is beyond repair, make sure that you come to us. We offer a wide range of top brand boilers at affordable prices. For your peace of mind, our fully qualified engineers can supply and install it within 48 hours of calling us. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today.  

Affordable boiler installations in Bexleyheath and Dartford

"Very efficient, and they always respond very quickly when I need them, to come out."

• Check appliance for gas-tightness

• Check for satisfactory ventilation

• Check working pressure if test point available

• Check burner pressure / gas rate against    manufacturer's instructions

• Carry out flue flow / spillage test to ensure safe removal of products of combustion

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Boiler service checklist:

To make sure your boiler is repaired quickly, we'll make an appointment within 48 hours of your call. We don't want you out in the cold, so we'll always be there on time.


We also offer a comprehensive landlord safety check package. You will not have to break the bank for our boiler services. For more information, see our price plan.

48 hour response service

• Check satisfactory operation of all safety devices

• Inspect the internal operation of the boiler for any signs of incomplete combustion

• Provide flue / gas analyser report

• Inspect flue to ensure it is safe, secure and to current standards

• Report any unsafe operation to a responsible person